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All posts by Tony

Mobile Is Changing The Way Consumers Buy

Digital marketers have been saying for the last 4 years, “go mobile” and a survey from the Pew Research Center is showing that it’s true. In 2016 77% of Americans owned a smartphone, up

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6 Important Online Marketing Methods To Build Your Brick and Mortar

The internet is an essential part of many people lives today, the telephone directory is gone. Many people looking for information on a local store, search for it online first. For this reason, most business

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7 Email Marketing Tips To Remember To Do

An email campaign is not really complicated but it does have steps. For it to be successful there are certain things to remember and implement. Here are 7 tips you’d be wise to do in your campaign. Tip

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What is Email Marketing and it’s tools

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing using email to communicate to an audience of potential and current clients/customers. It helps you promote your business while building customer loyalty, trust

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What is an Autoresponder and How does it work?

Autoresponder email marketing is a very effective tool for many types of businesses. An autoresponder is instrumental in helping you build the email list you need to grow your business. What is an autoresponder?  An

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What is online marketing and how does it work?

In advertising, marketing and sales it takes a certain amount of consistent effort to make a sale.  In sales and marketing the first step is finding leads. Than you follow up on these leads. This applies

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