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7 Email Marketing Tips To Remember To Do


An email campaign is not really complicated but it does have steps. For it to be successful there are certain things to remember and implement. Here are 7 tips you’d be wise to do in your campaign.

Tip #1: Segment Your List

Segmenting your list gives you an opportunity to reach each of your customers in a way that may influence a better response. You may be wasting a valuable chance to engage with your reader sending the same email to everyone on your list.

For example, you can segment your list by customer type, such as those who have signed up for your newsletter, but have never purchased anything from your business. You probably also have people who made a one-time purchase, but haven’t purchased your monthly service. Then, there are your regular customers.

Each of these segments will need something different from your email messaging. Prospects want to know why they should buy. Old customers need a reminder of the products and services you offer. And you may want to thank your active customers and offer them a referral reward.

By segmenting your email lists, you can deliver the perfect message to specific groups of subscribers.

Tip #2: Personalize Your Emails

Don’t make the mistake of beginning an email with “hey”, hi” or “hello” which often just ends up in the trash. Customers buy from people that they know, like and trust. The fastest and easiest way to show your people that you know them is to address them by their first name.

Remember to include some personal information about yourself, this humanizes your email campaign and builds a personal connection.

Tip #3: Track Your Emails

What you want is more opened emails in your campaign, because this means more emails will be converted into actual sales. To do this you need to track the performance of your emails to know how well your email marketing campaign is doing. Most email marketing tools have basic tracking for opens and clicks.

But to actually track your online sales you’ll need to use Google Analytics.

Analyzing this data fairly regularly is important. For instance, if the data showed you had a sudden lose of many email subscribers the information of your recent campaign could show you what happened. Conversely, if your click-through-rate increased you’d want to figure out why and repeat that messaging.

Tip #4: Use Conversational Language

Keep your emails conversational and let them know right away why they should keep reading. Keep your paragraphs brief so they can be quickly  scanned, subscribers get a lot of emails and people just don’t have the time nor the interest to read all of them. In Email mail marketing your
audience wants to read something that’s easy and gets to the point.

Tip #5: Be Consistent with Frequency of Emails

It’s important in email marketing to stick to a schedule. Send your message consistently, whether daily, once a week, twice a week, or once a month. Keep yourself “top of mind” to your subscribers so they remember who you are and why they signed up on your list.

They have many other emails they can read, don’t let yours get replaced by not sending them out as frequently as you should.

Tip #6: Provide Value in Your Emails

Provide interesting, engaging content to your readers so that they’ll come to expect and want to read your emails.

You are competing with emails that your subscribers are bombarded with, to get their attention you have to ask to yourself what are they really looking for in your email? A good question to start with, is what do your customers ask you most about?

Than take a step further and ask your readers what do they really want to read about? Do they want discounts? Reminders of sales days? Expert information? Recommendations and referrals?

Provide this type of value to them and your subscribers won’t ignore your emails.

Tip #7: Ask for the Sale

Remember to always include a call-to-action in all your emails. Be it a to click for more information, a coupon, discount etc.

If you want to convert subscribers into customers. You have to ask for the sale. If you don’t ask for the sale, customers aren’t going to buy. It’s that simple. And if you’re too shy to ask, you shouldn’t be in business. And you’re serious right.

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